Microsoft fans have never been more excited. With Windows 10 coming in the summer and talks of Surface Pro 4, it’s definitely a good time for Microsoft fans. We at Appymouse are all excited too.

Our excitement keep increasing with every download and every positive comments from our users. The increased number of users downloading Appymouse suggests more and more users are adopting Windows touch devices.

Just last week week, Appymouse was featured on the popular ‘The Windows Club‘ and the ‘Love My Surface‘ blogs with great reviews highlighting the unique features of Appymouse.




  1. Be productive and work smarter: You want to be productive and work smarter without missing any of the functionalities of a traditional mouse: Pointer, Right Click, Double Click, a Customizable Touch Area and a ‘Pointer Speed Customisation’.


  1. Avoid the Gorilla arm: This is the side effect of holding the arm in an upright position for a considerable period of time when using a touch based input device. Obviously you wont want to get to that stage of your tablet use where your arm feel fatigued. Appymouse makes working for long hours enjoyable and refreshing without the fear of the Gorilla arm.


  1. Easy Customisation & Friendly UX: Appymouse comes with an easy to use and customisable interface. This is one virtual touchpad that adapts to your personal preference. You can resize or reposition the pointer, set it to the right or left side depending on which arm you prefer to use.


  1. It’s “Sleek”, “Awesome”, and “Surprisingly smart”. And it’s FREE.


Still not convinced? Have a look at our explainer video to discover more about what our virtual touchpad can offer.

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