Appymouse brings Awesome back to the Desktop on Tablets

-McAkins Online
… So this is where Appymouse comes to the rescue. To give traditional desktop users a familiar UI operation back on a Touch device like Surface without having to increase screen elements to ugly sizes. Anywhere a desktop is presented, this tool is your hero…Read all

Appymouse To Better Control Windows 8 Desktop with Your Finger

– Next of Windows
…It’s a surprisingly a good app that every Windows 8 user should get and use, well, except those who are using RT. But that brings another question, why hasn’t anyone thought of it before? I only wish this would be built right in the system so I can use it more efficiently while I am using my Surface RT tablet… Read all

DOWNLOAD: AppyMouse: Free on-screen “touchpad” for Surface Pro 

-Kurt Shinkaju
I’ve been using this little app. It’s a surprisingly good app that’s such a no-brainer… you have to wonder why someone hadn’t thought of it before.

Go get it!

Appymouse Adds Virtual (On-Screen) Touchpad To Your Windows 8.1 Tablet

-Into Windows
…Overall, it’s a handy software to get virtual touchpad on your Windows 8 tablet. Users who are finding it difficult to use desktop applications on a touch device can install this software to significantly improve their productivity… Read all