New version, new website, new features… marks a fresh beginning of 2015 for Appymouse

After the successful launch of the first version, Appymouse is back with an improved updated version.

With its unique functionality for Windows desktop, this version features some exciting features that sets the app in the right direction both in terms of function and interface.

We have carefully analyzed our users’ feedbacks and we have made some adjustments and added some new features. We thought we share some of the new features.

What’s new in version 3.0?

Improved mouse movement

This version features an improved mouse movement. This means that users can be more precise and accurate when moving the virtual pointer .

 Improved customisation

The new version is fully customisable. The pointer speed, size of the touch area and direction can be changed interactively from the preference box.


The redesigned preference dialogue gives real-time updates


Interactive help dialogues

New interactive dialogues is now available to show tips on how to get the best from this productivity tool

Quick  Tips 1

A quick and easily accessible window displays tips and tricks to make the most of your new app!


 Smart settings and auto load on startup

We have added a feature which ensures Appymouse is always loaded even if you restarted your computer.  This means you don’t have to manually go an load Appymouse from programmes after every time you restart your computer.

Simplified hide/ unhide

We have simplified the process of hiding and unhiding the virtual touch area. Whereas previous versions features a more tortuous approach, this process can now be performed with a single touch.

Improved transparency


The touch area is less intrusive


So are you ready to boost your productivity? Download Appymouse for FREE now and unlock the full potential of your tablet.

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