Why Appymouse? – The Virtual Touchpad for Windows

Microsoft fans have never been more excited. With Windows 10 coming in the summer and talks of Surface Pro 4, it’s definitely a good time for Microsoft fans. We at Appymouse are all excited too. Our excitement keep increasing with every download and every positive comments from our users. The increased number of users downloading Appymouse suggests more and more users are adopting Windows touch devices. Just last week week, Appymouse was featured on the popular ‘The Windows Club‘ and the ‘Love My Surface‘ blogs with great reviews highlighting the unique features of Appymouse.   WE HIGHLIGHT 4 REASONS WHY

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Bringing Windows 10 Modern UI and Desktop together

It comes as no news that Windows 10 will likely be a game changer for Microsoft. The team at Microsoft is taking on board comments and feedbacks from the Windows Insider program all in an attempt to improve user experience of Windows 10. Of particular interest is the UI. Users are not happy with the ‘antiquated’ interface of the desktop mode of Windows and they have made this known through the program. Already users have taken it upon themselves to design what they want the new interface to look like. Amongst the various options making rounds on the internet is

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Appymouse 3.0: Boost your Productivity!

New version, new website, new features… marks a fresh beginning of 2015 for Appymouse After the successful launch of the first version, Appymouse is back with an improved updated version. With its unique functionality for Windows desktop, this version features some exciting features that sets the app in the right direction both in terms of function and interface. We have carefully analyzed our users’ feedbacks and we have made some adjustments and added some new features. We thought we share some of the new features. What’s new in version 3.0? Improved mouse movement This version features an improved mouse movement.

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