We will tell you the whole story. If you have a train to catch within the minute and you will rather not be bothered with stories, read the blue paragraphs below.

Appymouse was developed by SCLK- an early stage company based in the UK.
The name Appymouse was coined from ‘happy’ and ‘mouse’. It is meant to convey the happiness and comfort users experience when using the app.
The app was developed because we wanted users to work smarter and better; more relaxed and comfortable when using tablets whether at home or ‘on the go’.

When Stephen Balmer of Microsoft announced the impending Launch of the Surface Pro in 2012, we were all ecstatic. I thought to the prospect of running a full windows on tablet was cool.

Around that time my brother had bought me an entry level Bamboo Wacom tablet that was supposed to make my Photoshop designs easier. Plugging in my device with excitement, I opened Photoshop and immediately noticed a problem: the pen is only good for painting or making quick scribbles. Trying to use the device for everyday computing was a disaster. Reaching across the screen for icons was slow and painful. I later learned the term used for the was called ‘Gorilla arm Syndrome’
One weekend, I recharged my phone and was ringing all the numbers I found on the internet relating to Microsoft. I wanted to tell them about the Gorilla arm- having a solution to it will sure make their device more appealing. After speaking with representative from three continents and running low on credit, I thought to myself “Poor Microsoft; people won’t use it”
Then again I thought “Why not”?
The months following was spent developing Appymouse with the sole aim of solving users’ problem at the same time making the app feel native and intuitive to the OS. We thought users really don’t want another ‘thing’ on their screen so we made sure the interface was functional but shy. – as told by Femi- designer of Appymouse

So far users have given us positive feedbacks with the overall comments being “It’s a great addition to my PC but there are room for improvements”. We are working on the improvements.
We will like to hear you suggestions about how to improve Appymouse.

Aside from developing Appymouse, SCLK provide Branding (Logo and multimedia) and 3D visualisation solutions for start-ups and architectural companies.